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Mental Health Provider. Travel Enthusiast.

Ryan Bufton is a social worker based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has a robust education in the field, having earned a master’s degree in social work and trauma-informed care. Ryan has also worked in a self-directed resources program. The past few years of his life have been focused on assisting those with mental health disorders. He finds that travel is therapeutic for many people, and believes that all should be able and willing to take time away from our stressful lives.

Ryan is a strong believer that taking care of your mental health is one of the most important aspects of self-care. Today there are countless ways that the world can weigh down on our mental health. Managing these mental weights is often difficult, but is much easier with someone by our side. Ryan Bufton has spent much of his adult life learning how to provide others the assistance they need for their mental health struggles. Thanks to this education, alongside his compassion, he has been able to create a career in mental health support.

His higher education started in 2010 with the science department of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in Sociology. His acumen and talent, alongside his hard work, earned him high accolades that culminated in an Academy of Letters and Sciences Distinguished Achievement award in the Sociology department.

In 2013 Ryan Bufton began his master’s degree, seeking out a program with the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. There, he took on the work of developing a deeper understanding of Social Work & Trauma-Informed Care. When we are at our most vulnerable, we are in the most need of help. Ryan seeks to provide the highest quality of care to those in need of mental health assistance.

From 2015 on, until finishing his master’s program, Ryan Bufton had an internship with a local mental health hospital. This hands-on experience provided him with opportunities to grow while providing aid. His experiences here included: leading group therapy sessions, providing individual diagnoses, completing intake assessments, and triaging patients alongside providers to determine the level of care necessary. Ryan is particularly proud that he was able to lead the creation of a group for pain management, implementing it in the program. This group has helped many patients find options for their pain, as well as finding support with others who have experienced the same issues.

After Ryan Bufton graduated from his master’s program, he found new opportunities abounded. He was now able to participate in a wider range of mental healthcare positions in the city and surrounding area. today, his experience has grown thanks to a number of short-term employment opportunities, including work as a case manager, and mental health technician. His roles have kept him near the city of Milwaukee, and he has been very happy to support the community he has found a place within.

His most recent employment was as a Mental Health Therapist.  He was responsible for the full breadth of care for many mental health patients. He conducted diagnostic assessments and provided individual mental health therapy to clients with diagnosable DSM-5 disorders. Because of the nature of this employment, he also received training in mental health emergency response.

Outside of his career, Ryan Bufton has spent most of his vacation time traveling. He finds that mental health can be supported by travel for a number of reasons. De-stressing by taking time away from work, experiencing new cultures and situations, and invigorating yourself by pursuing an adventure afar. Not everyone gets the same experience from travel, but to those who are excited by the experience, it can be refreshing and renewing.