Nature’s beauty is about experiencing the elements up-close and personal. What better way to get that experience than by exploring U.S. River walks?

The San Antonio River Walk – San Antonio, Texas

The Great State of Texas is known for its breathtaking wide-open spaces, amazing scenic views, fascinating cultures, and plenty of outdoor fun. The San Antonio River Walk and its beautifully designed 15-mile fosse is no exception when it comes to representing Texas’ finest attractions.

Rustic elegance lines the shady river with eateries, galleries, and boutiques families can’t get enough of. Incredible food and drinks within San Antonio’s seasoned Casa Rio restaurant sit on precious land granted by the King of Spain and is the river walk’s first official place of business.

Optional dining experiences include outdoor river barge dining and waterside dining. Relaxing gondola or glass-bottom boat river rides deliver exceptional river memories while living large in the greatest state that does everything bigger.

The Chicago River Walk – Chicago, Illinois

Chicago-style pizza isn’t the only popular attention-getter Chicago has to offer. The stunning Chicago River Walk complements outstanding enchantment with sparkling river waters, impassioned artistic culture, delectable cuisine, impressive fishing, and water-sport environments.

Enjoy biking, river kayaking, boat tours, shopping, and easy breezes that set the tone for a relaxing by-the-water experience. Admire striking public art creatively displayed along waterway walls.

Warm, summer evenings allure guests to appreciate sipping popular Summertime Spritzers and edible delights waterside at the First Lady Floating Rooftop Bar. Where entertainment is the bomb, don’t think about passing up this gorgeous landmark.

The Boise Greenbelt – Boise, Idaho

As if Idaho isn’t lovely enough, the Boise Greenbelt represents everything naturally intoxicating with its 25-mile long paved nature path. This is no ordinary path. From over 850 acres of lush, tree-lined paths, parks galore, and encompassing environs taunting visitors with nurturing, nourishing, and alluring amenities, the Boise Greenbelt leaves no stone unturned.

The Greenbelt entices visitors to conveniently explore many of the path’s attractions. Push & Pour, Telaya Wine Company, and Payette Brewing are a few of the local watering holes along the way. Stopover for the night at the Riverside Hotel and take in gorgeous evening sunsets over the river’s edge.